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Journal Article 
Ionization constants of aqueous ammonia from 25 to 250°C and to 2000 bar 
Read, AJ 
Journal of Solution Chemistry
ISSN: 0095-9782
EISSN: 1572-8927 
The ionization constant of ammonia has been determined by conductivity measurements and found to vary from 1.77×10–5 at 25°C to 1.3×10–6mol-kg–1 at 250°C. The pressure effect to 2000 bar has been measured and the ratio K2000/K1 is 6.8 at 25°C and 11 at 250°C. The standard molar volume change for the ionization at 1 bar, DeltaV 1 o , changes from –28.8 at 25°C to –67 cm3-mol–1 at 250°C. 
Ionization constant; ammonium hydroxide; ammonia; conductivity; volume of ionization; thermodynamics; high temperature; high pressure 
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