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Technical Report 
Toxicity profile: Ammonium hydroxide 
British Industrial Biological Research Association :: BIBRA 
British Industrial Biological Research Association 
Carshalton, England 
The BIBRA Toxicity Profile is a comprehensive yet concise review of the toxicological data on the profiled chemical. All studies identified have been carefully evaluated (using primary data sources wherever possible), but only the data most pertinent to hazard assessment are included. Information is summarized, where available, on the effects in man, as well as other species, and studies relating to the principal exposure routes are given precedence. The Profile is divided into the following main sections: Summary, Identification, Local Effects (including skin, eye and respiratory tract irritation), Sensitization and Intolerance, General Systemic Effects (including single and repeated administration), Reproductive Toxicity, Carcinogenicity and Other Genotoxicity. 
Ammonium hydroxide; CAS 1336-21-6 
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