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Journal Article 
Surface modification of natural mordenite by acid washing and catalytic performance for the synthesis of dimethylamine 
Chu, RuiZhi; Meng, XL; Zu, JiaMei; Zong, ZhiMin; Wei, XY 
Zhongguo Kuangye Daxue Xuebao
ISSN: 1000-1964 
2 (Feb 2010) 
In order to enhance the catalytic activity of natural mordenite (NM) for gas-phase amination of methanol with ammonia (GAMA) and selectivity of dimethylamine, the acid washing conditions, including solvent concentration, treatment temperature, treatment times, and treatment time were optimized. The process conditions for GAMA with modified NM were studied. The results show that the optimum conditions of acid washing are 2 mol/L solvent concentration, 80 degree C treatment temperature, 4 times treatment and 0.5 h at a time. Acid washing treatment did not destroy crystal structure of NM but increased distribution of micro-pore size by removing impurity in pores of NM, and increased acidity in active center on NM surface. The optimal conditions of GAMA are 390 degree C reaction temperature, 1.93 h-1 liquid hourly space velocity and 1.8 NH3/CH3OH. The NM deactivation is mainly controlled by coke deposition on internal surface. The reaction temperature should be under 410 degree C in order to avoid deactivation. 
• Methanol (Non-Cancer)
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