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Journal Article 
Thin layer chromatographic separation and determination of methane arsonic acid in soil, rice grain and straw 
Abe, H; Amma, K; Ishikawa, K; Asasaki, K 
Bunseki Kagaku / Japan Analyst (English)
ISSN: 0525-1931 
Jpn. Anal. 
PESTAB. A method for determining residual amounts of methane arsonic acid (MAA) in soil, rice grains, and rice straw was developed. MAA in soil is extracted with hot 6N HCl, and MAA in rice grain and straw is extracted with aqueous 0.1N NaOH. After filtering grain and straw extracts with activated carbon, MAA is reduced by potassium iodide in HCl and extracted with benzene. After trans-dissolution to water, it is subjected to cellulose thin-layer chromatography. The separated MAA is decomposed by the acid to arsenic which is then determined by the silver diethyldithiocarbamate method. The recovery of MAA from soil, rice grains, and straw was more than 80%. The minimum detection limit was 0.05 ppm. 
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