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Journal Article 
Photovoltaic device on a single ZnO nanowire p-n homojunction 
Cho, HD; Zakirov, AS; Yuldashev, SU; Ahn, CW; Yeo, YK; Kang, TW 
In Press 
ISSN: 0957-4484
EISSN: 1361-6528 
A photovoltaic device was successfully grown solely based on the single ZnO p-n homojunction nanowire. The ZnO nanowire p-n diode consists of an as-grown n-type segment and an in situ arsenic-doped p-type segment. This p-n homojunction acts as a good photovoltaic cell, producing a photocurrent almost 45 times larger than the dark current under reverse-biased conditions. Our results demonstrate that the present ZnO p-n homojunction nanowire can be used as a self-powered ultraviolet photodetector as well as a photovoltaic cell, which can also be used as an ultralow electrical power source for nanoscale electronic, optoelectronic and medical devices. 
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