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Journal Article 
Field Testing of Arsenic in Groundwater Samples of Bangladesh Using a Test Kit Based on Lyophilized Bioreporter Bacteria 
Siegfried, K; Endes, C; Bhuiyan, AF; Kuppardt, A; Mattusch, J; van der Meer, JR; Chatzinotas, A; Harms, H 
In Press 
Environmental Science and Technology
ISSN: 0013-936X
EISSN: 1520-5851 
A test kit based on living, lyophilized bacterial bioreporters emitting bioluminescence as a response to arsenite and arsenate was applied during a field campaign in six villages across Bangladesh. Bioreporter field measurements of arsenic in groundwater from tube wells were in satisfying agreement with the results of spectroscopic analyses of the same samples conducted in the lab. The practicability of the bioreporter test in terms of logistics and material requirements, suitability for high sample throughput, and waste disposal was much better than that of two commercial chemical test kits that were included as references. The campaigns furthermore demonstrated large local heterogeneity of arsenic in groundwater, underscoring the use of well switching as an effective remedy to avoid high arsenic exposure. 
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