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Journal Article 
Use of chitosan and chitosan-derivatives to remove arsenic from aqueous solutions-a mini review 
Pontoni, L; Fabbricino, M 
In Press 
Carbohydrate Research
ISSN: 0008-6215
EISSN: 1873-426X 
Arsenic removal has become a relevant concern due to the final confirmation of its behaviour as chronic human carcinogen, corresponding to an ever-increasing contamination of water, soil and crops in many parts of the world. Developing easily accessible removal strategies is therefore a primary environmental matter. Chitosan and chitosan derivatives show good adsorption performances against arsenic removal and are considered low cost products, easily obtainable. This review provides a summary of recent advances of the application of these compounds in the area of sorption sciences for arsenate and arsenite removal from water, focusing on equilibrium and kinetic mechanisms. 
Chitosan; Adsorption; Polysaccharides; Arsenic; Isotherm; Kinetics 
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