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Journal Article 
Synthesis and characterization of self-assembled nanofiber-bundles of V2O5: their electrochemical and field emission properties 
Dewangan, K; Sinha, NN; Chavan, PG; Sharma, PK; Pandey, AC; More, MA; Joag, DS; Munichandraiah, N; Gajbhiye, NS 
ISSN: 2040-3364
EISSN: 2040-3372 
High-quality self-assembled V(2)O(5) nanofiber-bundles (NBs) are synthesized by a simple and direct hydrothermal method using a vanadium(v) hydroxylamido complex as a vanadium source in the presence of HNO(3). The possible reaction pathway for the formation of V(2)O(5) NBs is discussed and demonstrated that HNO(3) functions both as an oxidizing and as an acidification agent. V(2)O(5) NBs are single-crystals of an orthorhombic phase that have grown along the [010] direction. A bundle is made of indefinite numbers of homogeneous V(2)O(5) nanofibers where nanofibers have lengths up to several micrometres and widths ranging between 20 and 50 nm. As-prepared V(2)O(5) NBs display a high electrochemical performance in a non-aqueous electrolyte as a cathode material for lithium ion batteries. Field emission properties are also investigated which shows that a low turn-on field of ∼1.84 V μm(-1) is required to draw the emission current density of 10 μA cm(-2).