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Technical Report 
Effect of long-lasting use of naphthalane petroleum and its components on the hormonal activity of the adrenal medulla and on the ACT-function of the hypophysis 
Gafulov, MS; Mekhtiev, MA 
HEEP COPYRIGHT: BIOL ABS. Experiments were done on 262 Wistar rats. Naphthalane petroleum (NP) was given in the amount of 100 mg/kg, naphthene paraffins (NPf) in 50 mg/kg and light and heavy aromatic hydrocarbons in amounts of 15 mg/kg daily for 40 days. At certain intervals rats were sacrificed and the relative weight of the adrenals and their content of epinephrine and norepinephrine were determined. In other rats ascorbic acid was determined in the adrenals. NP and NPf, up to 20 days, activated the functions of hypophysis-adrenal medulla, which at 30-40 days returned to the initial condition. Heavy aromatic hydrocarbons, up to 30 days, activated adrenal medulla function, whereas light aromatic hydrocarbons did not affect the hypophysis-adrenal medulla system. 
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