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Journal Article 
Plasticizers in P.V.C. and the occurrence of hepatitis in a haemodialysis unit. A preliminary communication 
Neergaard, J; Nielsen, B; Faurby, V; Christensen, DH; Nielsen, OF 
Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology
ISSN: 0036-5599
EISSN: 1651-2065 
In a four-year period three isolated cases of hepatitis were observed within a period of 2 months in a haemodialysis unit. The cases occurred in 3 patients during testing of new haemodialysis equipment. Liver biopsy in 2 patients showed non-specific hepatitis and changes as in “viral hepatitis” respectively. From the tested blood tubings, manufactured from polyvinylchloride (P.V.C.), diaethylphthalate was washed out in an amount of 10–20 mg per litre aqueous perfusate. From the tubings normally used in the department this compound was not released on perfusion, and the symptoms disappeared rapidly when treatment with the use of these tubings was resumed. 
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