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Journal Article 
Auditory brainstem response in gas station attendants 
da Silva Quevedo, L; Tochetto, T; Siqueira, MA; Machado, MS 
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
ISSN: 1808-8694
EISSN: 1808-8686 
UNLABELLED: Ototoxicity of organic solvents can affect the hearing system up to the cochlea level and the central structures of hearing.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the neurophysiological integrity of the hearing system in subjects exposed to fuels using ABR.

METHOD: Prospective study. We evaluated attendants from three gas stations in Santa Maria/RS. The sample had 21 subjects, who were evaluated by auditory brainstem response.

RESULTS: We found an alteration in the absolute latencies of Waves I and III and in all the interpeak latencies, in the right ear. In the left ear there was a change in the absolute latencies of all Waves, and in all the interpeak intervals. A change in the interaural difference of Wave V was found in 19% of the individuals. In the group exposed for more than five years, there were subjects with a statistically significant changes: in the I-V interpeak of the right ear; in the absolute latency of Wave I and in the III-V interpeak of the left year.

CONCLUSION: Exposure to fuels can cause alterations in the central hearing system.