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Journal Article 
Carboxamide-Based Tripodal Fluororeceptors for Cations: Preparation, Characterization and Spectroscopic Studies 
Obali, AY; Ali, DKA; Ucan, HI 
Journal of Fluorescence
ISSN: 1053-0509
EISSN: 1573-4994 
Tripodal receptors, N-1,3,5-tris[2-(ethylamino)ethyl]benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylamide (L1), N-1,3,5-tris[2-(phenylamino)ethyl]benzene-1,3,5tricarboxylamide (L2) and highly fluorescent N-1,3,5-tris[2(naphthalene-2-ylamino)-ethyl]benzene-1,3,5,tricarboxyl-amid)) (L3) were synthesized by the reaction of 1,3,5-benzene-tricarbonylchloride and different amine groups originally. Sensitivity measurements were performed with the addition of Fe(II), Cu(II), Hg(II), Zn(II), Ni(II), Mn(II), Cd(II), Ga(III), Co(II), Yb(III), Cr(III) and Ag(I) metals to the receptor solutions. According to the absorption and emission studies, these receptors show fluorescent property and Fe(II) ion quenches their fluorescence effectively. 
• Ethylbenzene
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