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American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists :: ACGIH 
American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists 
Cincinnati, OH 
Documentation of the threshold limit values and biological exposure indices 
TLV Recommendation
Although no thresholds for safe worker exposure can be estimated from currently available reports of plant surveys, they indicate the serious consequences of heavy and prolonged exposure to biphenyl. For this reason, reliance should be placed on the responses of the most susceptible animal species, the mouse, which showed respiratory difficulties following repeated inhala┬Čtion exposure at 5 mg/m3, or about 1 ppm. Accordingly, a TWA-TLV of 0.2 ppm is recommended until evidence indicating the need for a change is forthcoming. At this time, no STEL is recommended until additional toxicological data and industrial hygiene experience become available to provide a better base for quantifying on a toxicological basis what the STEL should be. The reader is encouraged to review the section on Excursion Limits in the "Introduction to the Chemical Substances" of the current TLV/BEI Booklet for guidance and control of excursions above the TLV-TWA, even when the 8-hour TWA is within the recommended limits. 
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