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Journal Article 
Antileishmanial efficacy of Piper betle L. extract and its fractions against experimental visceral leishmaniasis 
Gupta, S; Dube, A; Kumar, N 
Medicinal Chemistry Research
ISSN: 1054-2523
EISSN: 1554-8120 
animal experiment; animal model; antileishmanial agent; antiprotozoal activity; betel extract ,drug therapy ,dt; betel extract ,oral drug administration ,po; butanol ,drug therapy ,dt; butanol ,oral drug administration ,po; chloroform ,drug therapy ,dt; conference paper; controlled study; drug efficacy; drug research; Embase 2007 to 04/30/08; hamster; hexane ,oral drug administration ,po; in vivo study; India; methanol extraction residue; miltefosine ,drug therapy ,dt; miltefosine ,oral drug administration ,po; nonhuman; parasitology; Piper betle; Research; visceral leishmaniasis ,drug therapy ,dt