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Journal Article 
Non-comedogenic cosmetics 
Fulton, JE; Bradley, S; Aqundez, A; Black, T 
ISSN: 0011-4162
EISSN: 2326-6929 
344-5, 349-51 
The need for a "comedogenic-free" cosmetic for acne patients led to this study using the only available mode, the rabbit. To facilitate the formulation of this benign cover-up, a range of cosmetics and ingredients was tested. Many cosmetics, fractions, and modifications of lanolins were comedogenic, as were emulsifiers such as butyl sterate, isopropyl myristate and sodium lauryl sulfate. From this data we incorporated non-comedogenic, into an acceptable cosmetic formulation for patients. The use of this formulation in susceptible acne-prone women reduced the rate of "acne cosmetica" in our clinic patients from 25% to less than 5%. We were unable to confirm a recent study suggesting that sulfur was a potent acnegen.