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Journal Article 
High speed liquid chromatography of isoprenoid quinones. 1. Separation of homologous, geometrical isomers and decomposition products of phylloquinone, menaquinone-4 and ubiquinone-10 
Yamano, Y; Ikenoya, S; Tsuda, T; Ohmae, M; Kawabe, K 
Yakugaku Zasshi
ISSN: 0031-6903
EISSN: 1347-5231 
Yakugaku Zasshi 
IPA COPYRIGHT: ASHP Separation of the homologs of the isoprenoid quinones and decomposition products using Permaphase ODS with methanol-water or dioxane-water is described. The plot of log k' versus the number of carbon atoms in the isoprenoid side chain gave a linear relationship in both mobile phases. The plot of log VR of the decomposition products of phylloquinone and menaquinone-4 versus percent modifier gave a linear relationship. Cis-trans isomers of the isoprenoid quinones were separated using Zorbax SIL with isopropyl ether-n-hexane. 
Quinones; isoprenoid; chromatography; Stability; isoprenoid