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Journal Article 
Asbestos exposure in a Yale building: Analysis and resolution 
Sawyer, RN 
Environmental Research
ISSN: 0013-9351
EISSN: 1096-0953 
The Yale University Art and Architecture building has 118,000 sq ft (10,000 m2) of floor space and houses the School of Art, the School of Architecture, and the schools' library. Completed in 1963, the nine-level reinforced concrete structure is a major building on the campus and has been used by over 2000 persons each academic year. The ceiling material in the building, a spray-applied mixture of asbestos and fibrous glass, caused occupant exposure to asbestos fibers under all conditions of usual activity. The measured asbestos fiber concentrations in some situations exceeded Occupational Safety and Health Administration allowable limits for industrial exposure, and in all cases were above the ambient city levels. Many air samples indicated potentially carcinogenic asbestos exposures. To eliminate this health hazard, the asbestos was removed from the building. Building isolation, protective equipment, surfactant treated water, and decontamination procedures afforded contamination control for the workers and the surrounding community. Ninety-two tons of wet asbestos-contaminated material was removed during a 20-day operation. Over 500 air samples were obtained during surveillance, experimentation, and asbestos removal. This report presents data obtained from 200 samples examined to date and outlines procedures used in the operation. 
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