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Technical Report 
Health Hazard Evaluation Report HETA 93-1133-2425, Electrode Corporation, Chardon, Ohio 
Abundo, ML; Almaguer, D; Driscoll, R 
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 
Cincinnati, OH 
GRA and I 
GRA and I 
In response to a confidential employee request, an evaluation was begun into possible exposures in the shipping, receiving, anode washing, precoating, etching, plating, coating, and postcoating departments and the coating laboratory at Electrode Corporation (SIC-3471), Chardon, Ohio. Bulk samples from a crate of diaphragm anodes contained chrysotile (12001295) asbestos. The authors conclude that workers were overexposed to n-butanol in the coating area, perchloroethylene in the degreasing area, and nickel in the plating area. There was a potential health hazard to workers in the precoat diaphragm area from anodes contaminated with asbestos, and to workers in the plating area and coatings laboratory from titanium exposure. 
Occupational safety and health; Organic solvents; Electroplating; Air pollution monitoring; Occupational exposure; Asbestos; Butanols; Titanium; Industrial hygiene; Degreasing; Coating processes; Site investigations; Environmental health; Chardon(Ohio); Region 5; SIC 3471; CAS 12001295; CAS 71363; CAS 1303000; CAS 7440020; CAS 7440326; Ethylene/perchloro; Ethanel 1-1-1-trichloro; CAS 64175; CAS 7647010; CAS 71556; CAS 127184