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Technical Report 
Microdetermination of organotin compounds by TLC and spectrophotometry using haematoxylin as reagent 
Vasundhara, TS; Parihar, DB 
PESTAB. A method is described for the determination of organotin compounds by spectrophotometric detection of the reddish-blue complex they form with hematoxylin which is soluble in both water and ethanol. Limits of detectability range from 0.5 mug to 5 mug. Coatings of silica gel G + 20% kieselguhr G or magnisium silicate + 40% kieselguhr G gave the most favorable results. The best solvents were found to be either isoamyl alcohol: acetic acid (9:1) or isobutanol: water: propionic acid (7:1:4). A technique is described for the determination of organotin compounds in polyvinyl chloride bottles which involves disolving of the sample in tetrahydrofuran, washing the precipitate with methanol, and applying the filtrate dissolved in dichloromethane to a TLC plate. The plate is developed with hematoxylin solution in ethanol, and the scraped off spots are eluted with ethanol and measured for optical density at 575 nm. Quantitative results are obtained by comparison with a standard curve. The Rf values of various organotin compounds in different solvent systems are given in table form.