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Journal Article 
Study on waterproof paper coatings formula and waterproof properties of coated paper 
You Peng; Yang Ren-Dang; Yang Fei; Chen Ke-Fu 
in this paper, three kinds of waterproof agents were applied in paper coating colors in order to obtain better waterproof performances of the coated paper. The formula of paper coating colors was determined by analyzing the Cobb value, static contact angle, ink absorption properties and picking velocity of coated paper. The results showed that the waterproof properties and surface properties of coated paper were desired when 0.5 parts of No.2 waterproof agent and 7.5 parts of No. lwater resistant agent were added in bottom coating colors and in top coating colors respectively. EPMA (Electron Probe Micro-analyzer) results indicated that the surface structure of the coated paper was very tight when the two kinds of waterproof agents were added in the coating colors. 
waterproof agents; coating formula; coating layer; static contact angle