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Technical Report 
Toxicity of Organotin Compounds 
Neumann, WP 
Interscience Publishers 
The toxicity of organotin compounds is reviewed. Data are given in a table for acute and chronic toxicities for a large number of organotin compounds along with toxicities of well known chemicals and reagents for comparison. It is shown that most organotin compounds are no more toxic than other common laboratory or technical chemicals, and it is contended that there has been no report of fatal poisoning or even permanent damage arising from handling of organotin compounds in chemical laboratories or factories. One instance is mentioned where a drug, Stalinon, which contains diethyltin-diiodide (2767557) contaminated with monoethyl and triethyltin compounds produced severe nervous system disorders. Industrial hazards in the processing of tributyltin (688733) and dibutyltin compounds are manifested in contact dermatitis or sensitization. The mode of action of dialkyltin and trialkyltin compounds are briefly described.