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Technical Report 
Evaluation of the potential use for several organotin compounds against the sheep blowfly (Lucilia spp.) 
Hall, CA; Ludwig, PD 
HAPAB Several organotin compounds were investigated for use as insecticides against the sheep blowfly. Based on dermal application of each compound to three mice the following LD50 ratings in mg/kg were suggested: triethyltin chloride, GT 35-40; trimethyltin, approx. 50; hexamethyl di-tin, approx. 50; trimethyl cyanoacetoxy tin, GT 87; trimethyl isothiocyanato tin, GT 30; trimethyl 1-morpholino (thiocarboxyl) thio tin, GT 60; and trimethyl pentachlorophenoxy tin, GT 80. Dermal application to sheep of doses of approximately 25 mg/kg, 2 to 3 times that needed for control, did not result in signs of clinical intoxication immediately after treatment or in the subsequent period of 5-6 wk. 1972