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Results of the BMD analyses for 1,2,4-TMB, 1,2,3-TMB, and 1,3,5-TMB 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency :: U.S. EPA 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 
Research Triangle Park, NC 
: This zipfile contains all input files (.dax files), analysis files (.opt, .ssn, .(d), and .002 files), and output files (.out, .emf, and .plt files) used in and generated by the BMD analyses on endpoints considered for the derivation of reference values for 1,2,4-TMB, 123, and 1,3,5-TMB in the Interagency Science Discussion draft of the Toxicological Review for Trimethylbenzenes. This zipfile also contains all BMDS Wizard files (macro enabled Excel workbooks, .xlsm) that were used in the BMD modeling analyses. These BMDS Wizard files store within them all the modeling results for an individual endpoint, and can be used to interpret these endpoint-specific results holistically, rather than inspecting model-specific .out and .plt files. Lastly, this zipfile contains a modeling report (.docx) for each modeling analysis; these reports were used to create the BMD Modeling appendix (Appendix D) in the Supplemental Information Document for Trimethylbenzenes.