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Determination of some metal-ions in the bodies of black-bass (Micropterus salmoides) and tench (Tinca tinca), and from water reservoirs close to border of Portugal/Spain 
Belo, APB; Castro VROe; Rodrigues, AM 
The heavy metal (Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe, Pb, Cd) concentrations of muscle tissues of Micropterus salmoides and Tinca tinca from fresh water reservoirs and Fish Production Units situated in Portuguese and Spanish regions close to the border Portugal/Spain, were evaluated by atomic spectrophotometer absorption. Dried powders from these fishes were used to be calcinated, followed by acid digestion and atomic spectrophotometric metal analyses. Mean values in mg/kg wet weight of M. salmoides from ESA and Urra reservoirs were respectively the following: Cd (0.03 and 0.03), Cu (3.23 and 2.41), Fe (5.03 and 4.90), Mn (0.58 and 0.49), Pb (0.46 and 0.63) and Zn (6.73 and 7.01). The mean contents in mg/kg wet weight in T. tinca from Casillas and Olivenza are, respectively the following: Cd (0.02 and 0.04), Cu (1.30 and 1.47), Fe (3.92 and 6.41), Mn (0.26 and 0.59), Pb (0.29 and 0.99) and Zn (6.27 and 8.96). It was concluded that these metallic concentrations are below the maximum permissible for a safety utilization of theses fishes in human nutrition. 
cadmium; copper; determination; food safety; iron; lead; manganese; reservoirs; zinc; Micropterus salmoides; Tinca tinca; Micropterus; Centrarchidae; Perciformes; Osteichthyes; fishes; vertebrates; Chordata; animals; aquatic animals; aquatic organisms; eukaryotes; Tinca; Cyprinidae; Cypriniformes; Mn; Aquatic Produce (QQ060); Food Contamination, Residues and Toxicology (QQ200)