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Journal Article 
Determination of nutritional components of in Palembus dermestoides 
Zhou, R; Chen, L 
The nutritional components of the adult and larva of P. dermestoides [Ulomoides dermestoides] were determined. Both adult and larva of P. dermestoides contained abundant nutrients: 48.31 and 54.95% crude protein, 17.64 and 18.24% crude fat, 3.0 and 2.8% ash, and 31.05 and 24.08% total sugar. The content of total amino acids in the adult and larva of the insect was 39.03 and 47.4 g/100 g, respectively. The insect body also contained plenty of minerals and trace elements; the content of Zn was up to 101.00 and 163.00 mg/kg, with no Cd, Hg and Pb. The index of the essential amino acid was 114.71. P. dermestoides is a kind of insect resource with high protein, low fat, diverse amino acids and lots of minerals and trace elements compared with a normal protein resource. 
amino acids; animal anatomy; ash; cadmium; crude protein; developmental stages; essential amino acids; fat; lead; mercury; mineral content; nutrient content; protein content; sugar content; trace elements; zinc; Tenebrionidae; Coleoptera; insects; Hexapoda; arthropods; invertebrates; animals; eukaryotes; body components; growth phase; microelements; Ulomoides; Ulomoides dermestoides; Physiology and Biochemistry (Wild Animals) (YY400) (New March 2000)