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Journal Article 
Simultaneous and efficient extraction of nine endocrine disrupting chemicals in aqueous matrices 
Bai, C; Wei, D; Du, Y; Guo, X 
Huanjing Huaxue / Environmental Chemistry
ISSN: 0254-6108 
Nine endocrine disrupting chemicals,including bisphenol A,estrone,17[beta]-estradiol,estriol,ethinylestradiol,4-octylpheno l ,nonylphenol,dibutyl phthalate,di-( ethylhexyl) phthalate were selected as the compounds target. The adsorption capability of several adsorbents and elution efficiency of eluents were investigated. Two adsorbents C18 and NAX with complementary high concentration efficiency for nine targets were selected,and acetonitrile was chosen as eluent for nine targets as well. To evaluate the extraction efficiency of nine targets,a detection method based on ultra-performance liquid phase chromatography in tandom with mass spectrometry( UPLC-MS) was established. The composition of mobile phase,gradient elution conditions,and operating parameters for detection method was optimized. All the nine EDCs had good linearity( r > 0. 9983) within the range of 0. 01-8 mg[middot]L- 1. The average recovery of spiked water sample ranged from 71. 6% -108. 5% and their relative standard deviation varied between 1. 2% -6. 3%. The established method in this study is low cost,simple,has high recovery rate,and is therefore suitable for the qualitutive and quantitative analysis of the 9 EDCs in different aqueous matrices. 
Pollution Abstracts; Aqualine Abstracts; Water Resources Abstracts; ASFA 3: Aquatic Pollution & Environmental Quality; Environment Abstracts; endocrine disrupting chemicals; aquatic environment; solid-phase extraction; UPLC-MS; Endocrine disruptors; Molecular structure; Methodology; Geochemistry; Standard Deviation; Water Analysis; Adsorbents; Mass Spectrometry; Water Pollution Effects; Quantitative analysis; Chemicals; Chromatography; Phthalates; Analytical Methods; Water sampling; Chromatographic techniques; Adsorption; Phenols; Endocrinology; P 2000:FRESHWATER POLLUTION