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Journal Article 
An overview of tooth-bleaching techniques: chemistry, safety and efficacy 
Sulieman, MAM 
Periodontology 2000
ISSN: 0906-6713
EISSN: 1600-0757 
The article discusses the chemistry, safety and efficacy of tooth-bleaching techniques. Bleaching techniques such as night guard vital bleaching and power bleaching, use hydrogen peroxide because it is a strong oxidizing agent. Although effective, hydrogen peroxide in tooth-bleaching has adverse effects like tooth sensitivity, root resorption and alteration of bonds to enamel or dentine. Bleaching is said to be most effective for indicators such as generalized staining, ageing and fluorosis. 
TEETH -- Discoloration; TEETH -- Bleaching; EQUIPMENT & supplies; HYDROGEN peroxide; BLEACHING materials; EVALUATION; COLOR in dentistry; TREATMENT