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Journal Article 
Aqueous ozone cleaning of silicon wafers 
Tong, JK; Grant, DC; Peterson, CA 
The authors describe a new cleaning technique developed which uses ozonated water as one of the cleaning chemicals. The cleaning sequence includes three steps: Sulfuric Acid Ozonated water Mix (SOM)/Diluted Hydrofluoric Acid (DHF)/ozonated water. Cleaning performane is described in terms of residual metals and particles on wafer surfaces. Performance was found to be equal to or better than a popular modified RCA clean consisting of a Sulfuric Acid Hydrogen Peroxide Mix (SPM)/Diluted Hydrofluoric Acid (DHF)/Ammonium Hydroxide Hydrogen Peroxide Mix (APM)/Hydrochloric Acid Hydrogen Peroxide Mix (HPM) chemical dispense sequence.