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Journal Article 
Death after use of the synthetic cannabinoid 5F-AMB 
Shanks, KG; Behonick, GS 
Forensic Science International
ISSN: 0379-0738
EISSN: 1872-6283 
Elsevier Ireland Ltd 
The use of synthetic cannabinoids and related products has been associated with adverse effects including seizure, acute kidney injury, and sudden death. We report the death of an individual that was associated with the synthetic cannabinoid 5F-AMB. Specimens were extracted via a liquid-liquid extraction at pH 10.2 into hexane:ethyl acetate. Analysis was completed via liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. For this case report, we briefly describe the extraction and instrumental methods for 5F-AMB as well as the blood toxicology results (5F-AMB, 0.3ng/mL) and case circumstances and autopsy findings. Cause and manner of death was certified as accidental death due to synthetic cannabinoid toxicity. We also briefly review any previously published reports in which 5F-AMB was analytically confirmed and determined to be involved with cause of death. 
5F-AMB; Death; LC/MS/MS; Synthetic cannabinoid