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Journal Article 
Oxidation of alpha,beta-unsaturated aromatic compounds by thallium(III) perchlorate. A kinetic and mechanistic study 
Jain, I; Sharma, K; Sharma, VK 
Oxidation Communications
ISSN: 0209-4541 
The kinetics of oxidation of cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic acid by T1(III) perchlorate in perchloric acid was followed by the rate of disappearance of T1(III). The reactions are first order in oxidant and substrate. Increase in perchloric acid concentration exhibits H+ ion catalysis. A decrease in the dielectric constant of the medium increases the oxidation rate. There is no effect of added sodium perchlorate on reaction rate while added Cl- decreases the rate. The thermodynamic parameters have also been calculated. Based on these findings a probable mechanism is proposed. 
kinetics; oxidation; cinnamaldehyde; cinamic acid; thallium(III) perchlorate