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Journal Article 
Evaluation of anticancer activity of bacopa monnieri hexane fractions against breast cancer mcf7 cell linese 
Deepak Roshan, VG; Mubashira, KP; Sheethel, KP; Surya Haritha, S; Gopinath, V 
Medical Project Poland 
UMMAAnticancer activity of Bacopa monnieri ethanolic extract was already reported against MCF7 and few other cancer cell lines. This study reveals the cytotoxic activity of hydrophobic hexane fraction of Bacopa monnier against MCF7 breast cancer cell line. The hexane extract of B. monnieri was prepared using solvent extraction method and cytotoxic activity was assayed against MCF7 cell line. The IC50 values of hexane extract of B. monnieri was 53.0 μg/mL. The chloroform sub fraction of B. monnieri hexane extract doesn’t showed cytotoxic activity against MCF7 cells. The possible active molecules were identified using comparative LC/MS/MS analysis of parent bioactive hexane fraction with non-bioactive daughter chloroform fraction. The comparative LC/MS/MS analysis followed by data analysis using XCMS and METLIN library search identified 4406 unique features in hexane fraction. The cytotoxic activity in hexane fraction of B. monnieri might be due to bacoposide X and Merbarone. © 2021, Medical Project Poland. All rights reserved. 
Bacoposide x; MCF-7 cells; Merbarone; Natural product; Phytochemical