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Journal Article 
Chemical Transformations and Biological Studies of Terpenoids Isolated from Essential Oil of Cyperus scariosus 
Sharma, P; Utreja, D; Bedi, S; , 
Asian Journal of Chemistry
ISSN: 0970-7077
EISSN: 0975-427X 
Chemical Publishing Co. 
Cyperus scariosus is a potential medicinal herb belonging to the family Cyperaceae. The GC-MS analysis of the oil showed cyprene (18.57 %) as the major terpene present in it. Cyprene was isolated from the non-polar fraction of the oil using hexane as solvent and characterized using TLC and spectral techniques (IR and 1H NMR). Cyprene was derivatized to cyprene epoxide by two methods i.e. using perbenzoic acid and epichlorohydrin. Further, the oil, it's polar fraction (dichloromethane), non-polar fraction (hexane), cyprene and cyprene epoxide were screened for their plant growth regulating property in case of wheat seedlings (HD 2967 and PBW 621). Complete germination was observed above 2.5 μg/mL of all the test fractions in both the cultivars. Moreover, cyprene epoxide was found to be the most effective in enhancing the length of roots and shoots. Seedling vigour index was calculated in order to analyze the enhancement shown by the oil and its various components on the seedlings. 
Cyperus scariosus; Cyprene; Cyprene epoxide; Plant growth regulation; Wheat