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Journal Article 
Marine environmental pollution. Volume 2. Dumping and mining 
Geyer, RA 
Contains 16 chapters in 2 major sections: Section A emphasizes the coastal zone as an area receiving a wide variety of effluents from sewage outfalls, dredge spoils, industrial effluents and/or river run off. Substances discussed in this section include heavy metals, PCBs, sewage, dredge spoils, radioactive and cannery wastes, and thermal effluents. The geographic distribution includes several areas on the east and west coasts of the USA, the Gulf of Mexico including the Mississippi River delta, and various parts of the Mediterranean Sea, with emphasis on the Gulf of Naples, and the Adriatic Sea. The presentation in Section B is dominated by the results of research on the effects of deep-ocean dumping, including radioactive materials, DDT and PCBs. It also includes the effects of such activities as deep-ocean mining of manganese nodules, and of dredging operations, including dredge spoils, on the environment.-M.Day