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Journal Article 
Studies on nutraceutical properties of Caesalpinia bonducella L.: An Indian traditional medicinal plant 
Manikandaselvi, S; Vadivel, V; Brindha, P 
Research Journal of Medicinal Plant
ISSN: 1819-3455 
Academic Journals Inc. 
Caesalpinia bonducella L. belongs to the family Caesalpiniaceae is distributed throughout India and commonly known as Kazhichikkai in Tamil. In the present study, attempts were made to assess the physicochemical, phytochemical, nutritional and pharmacological properties of C. bonducella seeds. Powder microscopy revealed characteristics features of C. bonducella seeds. Physicochemical properties such as foreign matter (0.97%), loss on drying (8.83%), total ash (3.37%), solubility in water (28.8%) and extractive value in water (6.7%) were revealed by the sample. Phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of alkaloid (0.12 mg g-1), phenol (0.60 mg g-1), flavonoid (0.33 mg g-1), tannin (4.90 mg g-1) and lignin (74.7 mg g-1). The nutritional profile of C. bonducella revealed the presence of carbohydrate (18.4 mg g-1), proteins (17.6 mg g-1), fat (3.6 mg g-1), fibre (3.3 mg g-1) and energy value (73.6 kcal). Presence of different phytochemicals was confirmed in the hexane and chloroform extracts of C. bonducella using HPTLC and GC-MS techniques. The aqueous extract (1000 μg mL-1) recorded anti-inflammatory activity in terms of inhibition of protein denaturation (94.15%), inhibition of protease activity (32.40%) and HRBC membrane stabilization (81.66%). Strong antioxidant activity was noticed in aqueous extract based on the results of DPPH radical scavenging (90%) and lipid peroxidation (99.69%) assays, which are higher than that of BHT standard. Thus the present investigation provides scientific evidence for the folk-lore claims for medicinal value of C. bonducella seeds. © 2016 S. Manikandaselvi et al. 
Anti-inflammatory; Antioxidant; Indian folk-lore drug; Nutrients; Physicochemical; Phytochemicals