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Journal Article 
Antioxidant activity of mycelial extracts from medicinal mushrooms 
Qin, M; Geng, Y; Luan, X; Zeng, M; Shao, R; Chen, H; Qi, P; Shi, J; Xu, Z 
Editorial office of Journal of Food Science and Biotechnology 
The antioxidant activity of mycelial extracts from medicinal mushrooms was investigated. They were from Cephalosporium sinensis, Cordyceps mortierella, Hericium erinaceum, Ganoderma lucidum and Armillaria mellea using N-hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate and methanol, respectively. The detection of antioxidant activity was established by five methods by microtiter plates with 96 wells.9Their9antioxidant9activities9were9then9compared9and9assessed.9The9results9showed9that9all9the9 extracts could effectively scavenge O2-. Extracts from C.mortierella and H.erinaceum had strong scavenging activity to DPPH ·, showing up to 94.91% and 92.26% at 8 mg/mL, respectively. The scavenging activity to %0H of extract from G.lucidum by chloroform was up to 90% at 8 mg/mL, which was comparable to that of Vc. It was demonstrated that the antioxidant activity of these extracts from mushrooms was different from each other. More study will carry out to discuss the small active compounds with antioxidant activity in extracts. 
Antioxidant activity; Cordyceps mortierella; DPPH· ·O2-; Ganoderma lucidum