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Journal Article 
Hydrochalcone compounds from indonesian medicinal plant, “Sirih Hutan”, piper aduncum (Piperaceae) 
Kartika, R; Sudrajat; Bustanussalam; Simanjuntak, P 
Rasayan Journal of Chemistry, c/o Dr. Pratima Sharma 
Isolation, purification and identification of two hydrochalcone compounds from Indonesian medicinal plant “Sirihhutan”, Piper aduncum (Piperaceae) had been done. Isolation and purification of ethylacetate extract subjected to column chromatography (SiO2; (i).n-hexane-ethylacetate = 10:1 ~ 1: 1; ethylacetate (ii).n-hexaneethylacetate = 8: 1 gave two pure compounds. Based on infra red, 1D & 2D-NMR, mass spectral data and comparison chemical shift of protons and carbons, the isolated compounds are 2’,6’-dihydroxy-4’-methoxy dihydrochalcone and 2’,6’,4-trihydroxy-4’-methoxy dihydrochalcone with free radical scavenging inhibitionvalues are 21.77% and 90.1% respectively. © RASĀYAN. All rights reserved. 
2’,6’,4-trihydroxy-4’-methoxy dihydrochalcone; 2’,6’-dihydroxy-4’-methoxy dihydrochalcone; Hydrochalcone; Piper aduncum; Piperaceae