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Journal Article 
Anti-explosion capability and scale effect of discrete multi-layered explosion containment vessels 
Deng, GD; Zheng, JY; Chen, YJ; Zhao, LM; Zhao, YG; Ma, L 
Nine discrete multi-layered cylinders were manufactured with the same materials and the magnification factor of 4. A series of explosion experiments were conducted under internal explosive loading to investigate their anti-explosion capability and scale effect. Experimental results show that their limiting TNT charges are all 0.89%~1.11% in relative mass, and that the anti-explosion capability of the discrete multi-layered cylinders is not attenuated significantly after magnified 4 times. It is attributed to the reason that there is no strong scale effect of an energy nature in their steel ribbon layers which construct the main load-supporting capability of discrete multi-layered explosion containment vessels. 
Anti-explosion capability; Discrete multi-layered explosion containment vessels; Explosion experiments; Mechanics of explosion; Scale effect