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In situ growth rates of the scleractinian coral Oculina varicosa occurring with zooxanthellae on 6-m reefs and without on 80-m banks 
Reed, JK 
Marine Science Center 
Quezon City, Philippines 
The Reef and man: Proceedings of the Fourth International Coral Reef Symposium, vol. 2 
Rates of linear branch extension were determined for Oculina varicosa for one year on a nearshore, shallow water reef (6 m] and on a shelf-edge. 0. varicosa coral bank (80 m) off central eastern Florida, U.S.A. Both site and season had a significant effect on growth with most of the variability due to the site factor. Linear branch growth was significantly greater at 80 m (x= 16.1 mm/yr) than at 6 m (x= 11.3 mm/yr) although temperature was significantly lower at 80 m than 6 m (x= 16.2, 24.6° C, respectively). The growth of the 6-m coral, possessing zooxanthellae, showed a negative response to high sedimentation rates which reduced light levels. Growth rates at both stations showed a positive response to water temperature and solar radiation and a negative response to current velocity. 
Fourth International Coral Reef Symposium 
Manila, Philippines 
May 18-22, 1981