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Petroleum geochemistry and geology ( textbook) 
Hunt, JM 
This book is aimed at graduate chemists and geologists interested in the application of geochemistry to petroleum exploration. It is divided into 4 main parts: Part 1, the introduction consists of a brief chapter (9pp) on the development of the subject followed by chapters on carbon and the origin of life (25 pp) and on petroleum and its products (38 pp). Part II, entitled 'origin and migration', contains chapters on how oil (80 pp) and gas (35 pp) form and on how they both migrate and accumulate (72 pp). Part III, on habitat, consists of a chapter on source rocks (90 pp) and one on petroleum in the reservoir (55 pp). Part IV, on 'applications', comprises chapters on seeps and surface prospecting (24 pp), subsurface prospecting (35 pp), crude oil correlation (42 pp) and prospect evaluation (27 pp). References are given at the end of the book but there is a supplementry reading list at the end of each chapter. There is an extensive glossary. -I.McTaggart