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Journal Article 
Phenotypic variability related to C9orf72 mutation in a large Sardinian kindred 
Floris, G; Borghero, G; Di Stefano, F; Melis, R; Puddu, R; Fadda, L; Murru, MR; Corongiu, D; Cuccu, S; Tranquilli, S; Cannas, A; Marrosu, MG; Chiò, A; Marrosu, F 
We investigated intrafamilial phenotypic variability in carriers of the C9orf72 mutation, analysing clinical, neuropsychological and imaging characteristics of various members from a large Sardinian kindred with FTD or ALS. We compared these with those of C9 + patients in our ALS and FTD cohorts. Results showed that three patients carried the C9orf72 mutation: two with ALS and one with FTD and Parkinsonism. C9 + patients in our bvFTD Sardinian cohort had a higher frequency of Parkinsonism than non-mutated patients (75% vs. 36.3%, p <0.02). Parkinsonism was present in 2.7% of our ALS cohort and 3.3% of the C9 + patients. The prevalence of Parkinsonism in C9 + patients in the bvFTD and ALS cohorts showed a statistically significant difference (p <0.006). In conclusion, Parkinsonism was frequently associated with FTD but not ALS in a large Sardinian family, a finding reflected in the wider C9orf72 associated Sardinian ALS and FTD populations.