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Journal Article 
Optical measurements from single levitated particles using a linear electrodynamic quadrupole trap 
Hart, MB; Sivaprakasam, V; Eversole, JD; Johnson, LJ; Czege, J 
Applied Optics
ISSN: 0003-6935
EISSN: 1539-4522 
We have recently made advancements in a linear electrodynamic quadrupole (LEQ) device for capturing and levitating either single or multiple micro-particles that provides significant improvements in capture efficiency, reliability, and optical measurement access. We have used our LEQ to trap particles ranging from 30 to less than 0.5 μm in size and provide a controlled environment to study particle physical/chemical dependencies on temperature, relative humidity, and gas constituents. To demonstrate this approach, we present data and analysis of liquid-droplet evaporation rates for two materials: glycerol and dibutyl sebacate. Droplet size was monitored as a function of time by two independent optical methods: direct imaging and fixed-angle light scattering. This new approach provides a means to rapidly characterize a wide range of aerosol particle properties and a platform for development of new aerosol optical-diagnostic measurements. 
• Dibutyl sebacate
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