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Ullmann's encyclopedia of industrial chemistry 
Weinheim, Germany 
has chapter(s) 196117 Dioxane
has chapter(s) 630075 Explosives
has chapter(s) 758399 Platinum group metals and compounds
has chapter(s) 2823479 Phenylene- and toluenediamines
has chapter(s) 2918424 Cresols and xylenols
has chapter(s) 3002735 Aminophenols
has chapter(s) 3102070 Formic acid
has chapter(s) 3355300 Benzoic acid and derivatives
has chapter(s) 3809424 2-Pyrrolidone
has chapter(s) 3839890 Carboxylic acids, aromatic
has chapter(s) 4121265 Asbestos
has chapter(s) 4219120 Benzyl chloride and other side-chain-chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons
has chapter(s) 4293766 Chloroethanes and chloroethylenes
has chapter(s) 4431467 Ethylene glycol
has chapter(s) 4532282 Thiols and organic sulfides
has chapter(s) 4854779 Optical brighteners.
has chapter(s) 4940068 Gluconic acid
has chapter(s) 5016692 Chloroacetic acids
has chapter(s) 5016694 Ethylene oxide
ULLMANN'S Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry is the benchmark reference in chemistry and chemical and life science engineering, covering inorganic and organic chemicals, advanced materials, pharmaceuticals, polymers and plastics, metals and alloys, biotechnology and biotechnological products, food chemistry, process engineering and unit operations, analytical methods, environmental protection, and much more.

Complete coverage of the science and technology in all areas of industrial chemistry.

Fully international in scope and coverage, the contents have been compiled under the supervision of a renowned global Editorial Advisory Board.

- New and updated articles are added every two months
- Contains over 1,000 major articles, written by some 3,000 authors who are experts in their fields and affiliated to leading chemical companies or research institutes
- Breadth of knowledge - more than 16 million words, nearly 15,000 tables, 25,000 figures, and innumerable literature sources and cross-references 
Elvers, B