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[Investigation on level and influencing factors of first aid knowledge among dentists in Sichuan province] 
Qiu, Y; Li, YY; Li, TG; Chen, YG; Kong, JJ; Pan, J 
Huaxi Kouqiang Yixue Zazhi / West China Journal of Stomatology
ISSN: 1000-1182 
OBJECTIVE: The study aims to investigate the cognition degree and influencing factors of first aid knowledge among dentists in Sichuan province, and to provide suggestions for the training of oral clinician.

METHODS: A questionnaire was designed for this study. It included the basic situation of population, first aid knowledge level, emergency situation often encountered in stomatology clinic, first aid training situation, learning approach and attitude of first aid knowledge, etc. This questionnaire was used to investigate the dentists of medical institutions in various cities in Sichuan province. The survey results was statistical analyzed.

RESULTS: There were 245 valid questionnaires. 1) The level of first aid knowledge of dentists was generally lower in Sichuan province. Work department and other departments work experience were the influencing factors of knowledge level of first aid knowledge among dentists. 2) 87.3% of dentists believed that it was very necessary to master the knowledge of first aid, but in the event of an emergency situation, 73.5% of dentists only can find other doctors to guide themselves to help. 3) The most common way to learn first aid knowledge was through work experience and medical school's first aid course.

CONCLUSIONS: Dentists should strengthen the learning and training to improve the first aid skill. 
• ISA NOxSOxPM Ecology (2018)
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