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Journal Article 
[The "new carcinogens' directive" from the European Union: new tasks waiting for us, new opportunities in front of us (and that we need not to waste) in Italy] 
Calisti, R 
Giornale Italiano di Medicina del Lavoro ed Ergonomia
ISSN: 1592-7830 
SUMMARY: The new EU directive on the protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to carcinogens and mutagens at work, issued on December 2017, will be integrated inside the Member States' national laws not later than 17th January 2020. The new directive brings in force new binding occupational exposure limit values (BOELVs) for several agents, some of great importance such as hard wood dusts, a set of hexavalent chromium compounds and crystalline silica dust; for some cases, the entry into force of the new limits is delayed in time. The new directive clarifies that the limit values are established considering factors distinct from health necessities too. The Member States are bound to adopt national limit values not avexceeding the corresponding EU ones, but are empowered to lower them. It is essential that the control of the actual respect of the limit values results not only from the application of theoretic previsional models, but is entrusted mainly to high quality exposure measurements and to estimates directly derived from measurements, on the base of publicly available JEMs. The specific health surveillance to be provided to any person both exposed and previously exposed to carcinogens at work should not be limited to proper oncological screening actions, but should include programs for biological monitoring of both exposures and related pre-neoplastic effects, every time any of these is possible and useful. A fair mapping of the exposures to carcinogens and mutagens at work and a systematical registration of cases of cancers attributable to occupational exposures will be placed side to side.