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Reducing lead exposure from remodeling and soil track-in in older home 
Roberts, JW; Camaan, DE; Spittler, TM 
The lead (Pb) dust loading(Pb D) in the rug in mu g Pb/m2 appears to be the best predictor of a toddler's exposure and blood Pb. Samples of rug dut and foundation soil were collected from 37 older homes in Seattle and 5 older homes in Port Townsend, Washington and analyzed for Pb. Other variables were measured and a stepwise regression analysis done to develop a model to predict Pb D loading in a home. The variables which recued PbD by the given factors are shown: removal of shoes = 9 to 13, long walk-off mat = 5 to 6, and vacuum with an agitator = 3. PB D was increased by remodeling or indoor peeling paint by a factor of 2 to 4 and by 3% per year for house age. The Pb D is proportional to the soil Pb ppm. Removal of shoes and use of walk-off mats and vacuums with agitators are low cost ways to control soil Pb track-in and reduce rug Pb D exposure. Remodeling produced the highest rug Pb exposures. Two cases of toddlers with high blood Pbs following remodeling are reported. 
Air and Waste Management Association, 84th Annual Meeting 
Vancouver, British Columbia