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Journal Article 
Electronic Modulation of a Copper/Zinc Oxide Catalyst by a Heterojunction for Selective Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide to Methanol 
Liao, F; Zeng, Z; Eley, C; Lu, Q; Hong, X; Tsang, SC 
In Press 
Angewandte Chemie (International Edition)
ISSN: 1433-7851
EISSN: 1521-3773 
Methanol from CO(2) : For the hydrogenation of carbon dioxide a marked increase in the methanol selectivity was observed when the reaction was catalyzed by Cu/rod-shaped ZnO/CdSe with heterojunction structure. Diffusion reflectance, photoluminescence, and ESR spectroscopies clearly indicated an increase in the electron density because of the incorporation of CdSe in the core-shell morphology of Cu/rod-shaped ZnO. 
heterogeneous catalysis; carbon dioxide; heterojunctions; hydrogenation; methanol 
• Methanol (Non-Cancer)
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