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Journal Article 
Essential oil and oleoresins of Cinnamomum tamala (tejpat) as natural food preservatives for pineapple fruit juice 
Kapoor, IPS; Singh, B; Singh, G 
Journal of Food Processing and Preservation
ISSN: 0145-8892
EISSN: 1745-4549 
Food & Nutrition Press 
ABSTRACTThe essential oil and oleoresins (methanol, ethanol, isooctane and CCl4) from tejpat have been used as a natural food preservative for pineapple juice. The stored samples were studied for pH, total and reducing sugars, ascorbic acid, peroxide value, titrable acidity and microbiological count at fixed time intervals of 7 days. Significant changes were observed during the storage period. The essential oil showed better preservative effect than the oleoresins did.PRACTICAL APPLICATIONSEssential oils and oleoresins derived from spices are considered luxurious items because of their uses in aromatherapy, confectionary, beverages and pharmaceutical industries. Moreover, they also possess antioxidant and antimicrobial efficiency. Essential oil and oleoresins extracted from tejpat are used in the preservation of pineapple juice, which is better and safer than synthetic conservers. This characteristic is of great interest for the food industries. 
Acidity; Cinnamomum; Preservation; Ascorbic acid; aromatherapy; Isooctane; Sugar; Pharmaceuticals; Methanol; Food processing; Antioxidants; Antimicrobial agents; Preservatives; Beverages; Ethanol; Fruit juices; pH effects; Food industry; peroxide; Essential oils; oleoresins; Spices 
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