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Phytochemical analysis and antifungal activity of Methanolic extract of Parrotia persica (DC) CA. Mey Leaf 
Ahanjan, M; Raveesha, KA 
2 (2008) 
Methanolic extract of loaves of Parrotia persica (DC) CA. Mey used in traditional medicine of Iran, was subjected to phytochemical screening and antifungal activities against some important human pathogenic fungi viz Candida albicans (MTCC 183) and Trichophyton rubrum (MTCC 296) by poisoned food technique. Results revealed significant activity against the test pathogen at 1000 ppm concentration. The percent inhibition of the test pathogens was 64.48% and 58.20%, respectively at 1000 ppm concentration. The phytochemical analysis of the methanol extract indicated the presence of carbohydrate, tannin, saponin. phenol and flavonoid. 
Flavonoids; Phenols; Candida albicans; Food; Trichophyton rubrum; Carbohydrates; Tannic acid; Fungi; Antifungal activity; Methanol; Saponins; Pathogens; Food poisoning; Leaves 
• Methanol (Non-Cancer)
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