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Journal Article 
Postural sway and exposure to jet propulsion fuel 8 among US Air Force personnel 
Maule, AL; Heaton, KJ; Rodrigues, E; Smith, KW; McClean, MD; Proctor, SP 
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
ISSN: 1076-2752
EISSN: 1536-5948 
OBJECTIVE: To determine whether short-term jet propulsion fuel 8 (JP-8) exposure is associated with balance measurements in JP-8-exposed air force personnel.

METHODS: As part of a larger neuroepidemiology study, balance tasks were completed by JP-8-exposed individuals (n = 37). Short-term JP-8 exposure was measured using personal breathing zone levels and urinary biomarkers. Multivariate linear regression analyses were conducted to examine the relationship between workday JP-8 exposure and postural sway.

RESULTS: Balance control decreased as the task became more challenging. Workday exposure to JP-8, measured by either personal air or urinary metabolite levels, was not significantly related to postural sway. Increases in workday postural sway were associated with demographic variables, including younger age, being a current smoker, and higher body mass index.

CONCLUSION: Results suggest that short-term workday JP-8 exposure does not significantly contribute to diminished balance control.