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Journal Article 
Heavy metal toxicity: Effect on plant growth, biochemical parameters and metal accumulation by Brassica juncea L 
John, R; Ahmad, P; Gadgil, K; Sharma, S 
International Journal of Plant Production
ISSN: 1735-6814
EISSN: 1735-8043 
Plant growth, pigment concentration, biochemical parameters and uptake of heavy metals were determined for Brassica juncea L. in response to cadmium and lead stress. The plant exhibited a decline in growth, chlorophyll content and carotenoids with Cd and Pb but Cd was found to be more detrimental than Pb treatment in B. juncea. The protein content was decreased by Cd (900 mu M) to 95% and 44% by Pb (1500 mu M) at the flowering stage. Proline showed increase at lower concentrations of Cd and Pb but at higher concentrations it showed decrease. More accumulation of Cd and Pb was observed in roots than shoots in B. juncea. Cd was found to be more accumulated than Pb but higher concentrations of Pb hampers the Cd absorption. 
Cd; Pb; heavy metal toxicity; Brassica juncea; lipid-peroxidation; phaseolus-vulgaris; cadmium tolerance; 2 varieties; stress; responses; seedlings; proline; chlorophyll; soils 
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